Probiotics and OCD

By Jim Stalnaker:

I am so excited about what probiotics may do to help with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I friend of mine has been struggling with OCD for over five years.  He recently turned 18 and has been having trouble living a normal life. Having excessive fears of germs and going through rituals to avoid them. Also, he has had a great amount of fear over which foods were safe for him to eat.

After doing much reading on probiotics, I read that there is a link between your emotional and mental health and the amount of beneficial microorganisms in your gut. Just one week ago I bought some Kefir for him and encouraged him to consume at least one half cup of it each day. Telling him that it might make him feel better.

It is so amazing how much better my friend is after only one week of consuming Kefir. He said he feels so much better. The obsessions and anxieties that have plagued him for years seem virtually non existent for him.

True, it has only been a week, but this is very encouraging for my friend. I will try to give an update on him after a few months or so.